Book of karma by sadhguru review crafting your destiny

karma book

A book of karma has been overdue
Because the words of karma have gone where in the world.
Became part of almost every language.
But what karma means, the level of understanding and misinterpretation of the words Is phenomenal.
So I thought it’s time to release a book on karma as the guide to craft one’s destiny.
Karma is not about punishment and reward.

Karma is not about sinful or virtuous. karma is about understanding the legacy of information that comes with our birth and continues through our Life.
And enhance itself to various levels. and, impacts every dimension of our experience. Karma literally means action, which means the action that you perform.

Become more and more conscious, your destiny also become more
conscious possibilities.
That means essentially. You are going where you want in your life.
For the most human being, socially, careerwise,
They may be going where they want reasonably.

But in their experience of life. a whole lot of human beings are not going the way. The level of suffering that one creates within ourselves is because we are attributing our experience to various things.
Karma means action. action means my doing.
So my life is my Karma. basically implies I am an amazing producer.

So this Book explores step by step possibilities of karma how you can take charge of your destiny. how you can craft your destiny by being conscious about various levels of karma that you perform, in terms of physical activity, mental activity, emotional and energy activity.

Karma is being accumulated. If you being the light consciousness into these aspects.
How this can be transformed, the methods and the possibilities and consequences of this,
This is what the book explores. It’s my wishes my blessings.
That each individual ought to have the option to create their own predetermination.

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